8 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Graphic design trends 2024

Graphic Design is a way through which brands communicate with their targeted audience or if broadened, a wide audience. Graphics are the very first thing that catches the attention of viewers and if it has a creative element, it works as a hook. Graphic Design trends often change and sometimes the older trends are remastered by Graphic designers as the older designs are often recalled by the viewers. Designers remaster these designs in order to maintain a sense of association that the audience already has and it is easy to remember. Moreover, with the changing trends, designers also have evolved to many folds by getting hands with the latest tools and techniques and this is important for them so that they can stay creative and are able to create art that is engaging and moves viewers to interact with the brand.

In this article, we’ll talk about 8 Graphic Design Trends that will dominate 2024. We will also discuss some of the future of graphic design and try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Graphic design trends have evolved over time, and with the changing dynamics and consumer behaviors, Graphic Designers have been coming up with the latest ideas and techniques to cater to diverse audiences. The Graphic Design Process has played a crucial role in shaping these innovations, ensuring that designs are not only creative but also strategically aligned with current trends. Here are a few graphic design trends that are poised to dominate 2024:

AI as Design Assistant

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Design trends have changed in many ways. The way Graphic designers struggled with brainstorming or generating ideas for new designs, has now changed as AI acts as a creative assistant to designers providing with thousands of ideas and inspirations, saving time and effort. AI has now changed the game as well as the traditional process that designers used to go through. With a number of Imagine AI software, both free and online, have the ability to understand the designer’s intent and suggest color pallets, based on customer’s needs and interests. Even, Meta also has integrated AI into its eco-system which has made it easier for designers to get ideas with the ease of their mobile phones.

Pixel Art Reviving Memories

We all have been crazy for those lock buddies that we had during our childhood. Retro Gaming was something quite popular in the 90s and is still as fun as was back then. Interestingly, pixel art has made its way to the graphic design trends in 2024. Pixel Art is something that looks creative and puts a nostalgic feel to it along with an element of newness. It adds a pinch of nostalgia into modern art and can be seen in website designs, products, or brand packaging. Last year, Crocs a popular footwear brand, used pixel art in their Crocks range in partnership with Minecraft, a childhood classic game.
Similarly, Burberry, a luxury brand also partnered with Minecraft using pixel art across its various articles.

Minimalist as Popular as Always

A minimal design might seem simple and straightforward; however, it has been always popular and is slaying the 2024 Graphic Design trends. In Minimal Designs, every element serves a purpose and there is no extra use of elements for beautification or filling the spaces. These designs are clean and reflect a different level of aesthetic. Minimal designs convey a message in a more efficient way due to their simple typography, limited color usage, and sophisticated outlook. Moreover, these designs can be used in website designs, branding, or other design projects. As we move further into the new trends in design, Minimalistic designs remind us that simple designs have a more powerful voice than color-filled shouts.

Doodles – Modern Crooked Lines

Doodles are also on the list of top graphic design trends in 2024. These lines or patterns reflect the human touch in the designs. A number of brands have been using doodles in their brand names, promotional social media posts, and even on their websites. Doodles remind us that it is not necessary for a website or a design to be rigid, it can be a crooked line, and that could engage a large audience. Remember, a doodle when fused with a minimal design can serve as a unique and classy brand identity. Here is an example of Nescafe’s social media ad in which the brand showed that you can boost creativity and success by consuming Nescafe coffee.


As we have previously talked about minimalism, Maximalism has also been a popular choice for many graphic designers in 2024. Though you don’t see much of that in website designs, you must have seen that in the promotional social media posts or film posters. Now these maximalism designs are basically and blast of colors, giving a funkier look to the designs. Such designs also reveal the nature and the persona of a brand or a post. Remember that popular web series “Stranger Things”, its power-packed action and thriller combo was easily seen through its chaotic maximalist poster designs.

High-Contrast Typography Boosts Visibility

Graphic Designers are always experimenting with various techniques in order to invent something that is unique and loud. This need enables them to use high-contrast bold typography that enhances the overall designs and makes it easier for the readers even those with weak eyesight to read and understand what’s written. Through high-contrast color palettes and large fonts, designers are able to make their designs accessible to everyone, so that they can connect and communicate to a wide audience. Just look at the design that has been used to showcase Filippo Loretti’s Ascari Red Watch.
The Vibrant colors with a Red and Black background boost the overall visibility, enhancing the clarity of the text. Or another example of this could be earbuds by Zero Lifestyle brand, which again pops the text with the usage of high-contrast color in the background.

3-D Graphics

As graphic design keeps on evolving, 3-dimensional graphics are also evolving provding a more realistic and immersive experience. 3D designs are quite pleasing to the eyes and are highly engaging as they add life to the characters. This design is usually added for the purpose that the viewer’s attention is drawn to the texts.
The design works best with the most simple texts as it is the main focus of the design. 3-D textured graphics can be used in almost all kinds of designs, such as web designs, and ads, adding depth and realism to the visuals. When coupled with smooth animations, these designs tend to be more engaging and effective in capturing the maximum audience’s attention.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Design

As brands are more into sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, in 2024 graphic designers are more focused on creating designs that reflect such approaches. By using more earthy colors, nature’s patterns, and elements in logos and graphics, designers provide brands with designs that reflect nature and effortlessly reflect their sustainable visions. A perfect example of such designs could be brands like KOTN and Tentree.

The Future of Graphic Design

As we have witnessed, how graphic design has evolved over time, we’ll see it coming up with more diversity and enhancements within a couple of years. However, many designers are concerned that what if AI replaces them totally pushing them out of the picture. But the blessing of the human intellect and the ability to view things from different perspectives, are the elements that AI can never compete with. AI will only be an assistant to humans, further boosting their capabilities and polishing their skills. But yes, AI can save effort, enhancing productivity, and the time it saves will ultimately result in more productive designs. Therefore, the future of Graphic Design will remain right, if the designers are constantly learning, and adopting change concerning the dynamic graphic design trends.


FAQ'S For how to develop a content strategy

What is Graphic Design?

what is Graphic Design? Graphic Design is a process in which designers combine several visual elements together in order to create a design that communicates a message to the audience. These elements can be images, typography colors, etc, which create an art piece when combined. Graphic Designers use several different tools to create graphics which include logos, banners, social media posts, and branding.

Is graphic design a good career?

Graphic Design is indeed a great career choice if you are more into creativity. It allows you to work in several industries such as, digital agencies, media houses and software houses. Nowadays almost every organization needs a graphic designer. Moreover, with this skill you will also have the opportunity to work freelance.

Will AI replace graphic designers?

Well, it is a great concern for many graphic designers that will AI replace graphic designers. With a wide range of AI software, its is seen that creating designs have become more easier than ever and you will get a good design with an appropriate query. But the cultural understanding, strategic thinking and intellect are the elements that AI lacks and ultimately humans excel. Therefore, till date, there is no chance of AI to replace graphic designers completely.

Which AI is best for graphic design?

There are a number of free and paid AI softwares some of which are listed below:

  • Midjourey
  • Canva
  • Looka
  • Khorma
  • Let’s Enhance

How will graphic design grow in the next 5 to 10 years?

Graphic Design has evolved over time and is opening new doors day by day. The AI enhancement and the revolution of VR have taken graphic design to a whole new level. Moreover, brands have been more into sustainability and are going with designs that reflect eco-friendly goals through their web designs. This shows that graphic design will further expand by incorporating more ideas, tools, and strategies to work with.

Does Silverstone Technologies offer Graphic Design Services in Pakistan?

Silverstone Technologies offers an array of digital marketing and design services in Pakistan, such as Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, and Google ads.


Graphic Design Trends are constantly changing with technological advancements, AI enhancements, and the evolving needs of individuals. However, it also incorporates the old classic designs, fusing them with modern ones for a more appealing visual experience. This enables the brands at many levels to communicate and connect with their target audience efficiently and impactfully. We have discussed the 2024 graphic design trends and also highlighted how designers can play their part in staying abreast of these trends to achieve success.

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